Faster and cheaper on AWS Lambda with Java

Table of Contents Agenda The demo application How does the demo application work? How can we create a Quarkus base Java application? What does Quarkus do to write a simple Java Application on AWS Lambda? Deploy the demo application to AWS Lambda Watching performance of the demo application on AWS Lambda + JVM platform What solution do we have for the AWS Lambda cold-start? What is GraalVM?

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Install GraalVM and it’s native-image

Table of Contents Install GraalVM and it’s native-image Install SDKMan Install GraalVM Install Native-Image Install GraalVM and it’s native-image As a developer, I would like to install the GraalVM on local machine, then I will be able to convert Java applications to native binary executable. Install SDKMan We should have GraalVM installed on our local machine and SDKMan will be very useful in this section, and we can still download it and install it like openJDK.

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